The KASU Journal of Pure and Applied Life corresponding address (e-mail address and
Sciences is a peer-reviewed, open access online telephone number).
international journal of the Department of
b. Abstract Biological Sciences, Kaduna State University,
Kaduna, Nigeria. The Journal publishes original Abstract should start on a new page and should
research papers, reviewed articles, short scientific not be more than 250 words. It should indicate
communication in all areas of life sciences. The aim briefly the scope/aim, methodology, major
of the Journal is to make immense contributions in findings and conclusion. It should also not be
the area of Pure and applied life Sciences research. referenced. Use of abbreviations should be
It accepts articles for publication from scholars and minimized and spelled out when first used.
researchers from all parts of the globe. The scope of
c. Keywords the journal covers Biological Sciences,
Biochemistry, Microbiology, Ethnobotany, 4-6 keywords in an alphabetical order
Biotechnology and other related disciplines. separated by a 'coma' should be provided.
Submission of manuscript d. Introduction
Any Manuscript that do not comply with the The introduction should be concise, of minimum
editorial requirements will be returned for
length and should state the aim of the study being
amendment before they are considered by the reported. Detailed descriptions of routine
editorial committee. The Manuscripts are to be experimental procedures should be avoided.
submitted electronically via the journal website
M e. Materials and Methods anuscript submission system or by email
a t t a c h m e n t t o t h e e d i t o r - i n - C h i e f Step by step experimental details should be
i j p a l s e d i t o r @ k a s u . e d u . n g provided to allow others to repeat the method being
The author that submits the manuscript reported. Organisms used for the experiment must
automatically becomes the corresponding author be properly identified and authenticated by a
and shall provide the following information: i. Full taxonomist and the voucher number must be
name ii. Affiliation iii. Email address iv. Phone/ assigned where applicable.
GSM number f. Results Preparation of Manuscript
Authors are required Results should be clearly presented in either to ensure that the manuscript:
Table(s), Figure(s) or Plates andshould be
i. should be original research work written in described comprehensively.
English in a concise and understandable
pattern g. Discussion
This section should provide a scientific explanation ii. has not been previously published, sent to
or considered by another of the results obtained which may agree or disagree journal for
publication. to the findings of other researchers.
h. Conclusion iii. The submission file is in Microsoft Word
document file format. Authors should conclude by stating their major
achievement(s) or significance of their findings. iv. Should be double line spaced on one side of
A4 i. Acknowledgements: size paper with sufficient margin line
v The author should briefly acknowledge any . All page s should be numbe r ed
consecutively assistance received from individual, Funding
agency as well as group in form of finances or any vi. should be arranged in the following order: form of support towards the successful completion
a. Title of the research.
j. References: The title should be concise and reflect the key
elements of the research. The title should be
All publications cited in the text should be followed by authors' full name and affiliations.
presented in a list of References at the end of the The corresponding author should be indicated
w article. The American Psychological Association ith an asterisk and provide the full (APA) referencing method should be used. of Biological Sciences, Kaduna State University,
(a)In the Text: If at the beginning of the text, e.g. Kaduna, Nigeria.
Abdulkadir (2009) or Tahir and Auta (2001) but at
the end of the statement eg ( Abdulkadir, 2009) or Galley Proofs
(Tahir and Auta, 2001). In cases where there are The comments or corrections raised by the
more than two authors, the use of ¯et al., reviewers will be communicated to the
(italicized), should apply. All such references corresponding author to effects all corrections and should be given in full in the list of References. return to the Editor in Chief within 2-3 days. A
galley proof of the manuscript will be resend to the (b) Book References: References to books are corresponding author in detail to ensure that the text given as follows: and figures are correct. Authors are encouraged to All book titles as well as proceedings and Special return proofs within 2 days by email attachment for
Reports shall be italicized. a timely publication. (i) If one author: Review charges Ibrahim, B. (2015) Human Parasites. Ahmadu Five Thousand Nigerian Naira (5,000:00) or US Bello University Press, Zaria, Nigeria, pp. 360-390. $30.00 will be charged per article for the review (ii If two authors: Usman, S. and Kuyet, S.Z. process. (2016). The Vegetation of Northern Nigeria.
Page charges and reprints Pergamon Press, Oxford, England, pp. 242-259.
The sum of Fifteen Thousand Nigerian Naira
(c) Journal References: These should be written in (N15,000:00) or US $50.00 will be charged per
the following forms: Journal names should be article after the paper might have been accepted
italicized and never abbreviated. for publication.
Abdulkadir, S.A (2012). Phytochemical Screening Hard copies of the published IJPALS may be of Indigofera conferta. The Nigerian Journal purchased at a fee of Two Thousand Nigerian Pharmaceutical Science, 6(6): 157-178. Naira (N2,000.00) or US $15.00, excluding Ibrahim, H. and Umar, U.U. (2009). Effects of postage charges. Radiations on the Vegetative Growth of Hibiscus
esculentum.Science World Journal All the articles published in the IJPALS will be , 5(2): 149-162.
available on-line and the material can also be
(d) For References retrieved from the archive. to Articles Collected Papers or
Chapters in a BOOK. the following should be used:
(i) When the book is edited:
Dalhatu, A. (2017). The Capital Shortage Illusion: Privacy Statement
Government Lending in Nigeria. In: Livingstone, The names and email addresses entered in this
L. (Ed) Development Economics and Policy. journal site will be used exclusively for the stated
George Allen and Unwin, London, purposes of this journal and will not be made
England, pp. 138-147 available for any other purpose or to any other
(ii) When a chapter is written in a book authored by party.
another person:
Jumare, A.I. (2018). The Cytogenetic of
Gossypium. In: Prentice, A.N., Cotton with Special
Reference to Africa. Longman Group Limited,
London, England. pp. 57-58.
(e) Annual Reports: The following form should be
Yakubu, S. (2014). Effect of raw spacing on yield
and other agronomic characters in pearl millet.
In: Seventh Annual Report, pp. 29-30, Department