A Successfully Treated Rare Case of Viable Unruptured Second Trimester Ectopic Pregnancy in a Low Resource Environment

  • Mohammed KS Bayero University Kano
Keywords: Ectopic Pregnancy, Second Trimester, Viable, Unruptured


Ectopic pregnancy is a common life-threatening gynaecological emergency and the commonest cause of maternal morbidity and mortality in the first trimester of pregnancy in developing countries. The most common cause of these deaths is massive bleeding after the rupture of the ectopic pregnancy. The incidence of ectopic
pregnancies varies from 10 to 39.5/1,000 deliveries. In Nigeria, the incidence ranged from 0.6 to 4.3% (60 – 430 per 100,000). Tubal ectopic pregnancy rupture can have a significant impact on patient morbidity and mortality and has always been considered a complication of the first-trimester pregnancy occurring usually around the 7th week of gestation. It is very rare for an ectopic pregnancy to progress into the second trimester and remain asymptomatic and also successfully managed after the presentation. Pelvic ultrasound scan remains the gold standard in making diagnosis and salpingectomy the treatment of choice regardless of chances of future fertility. A case of right ampullary live unruptured ectopic pregnancy at 15weeks GA was presented. Right salphingectomy was done with minimal blood loss. Pelvic ultrasound remains the gold standard investigation in making the diagnosis of ectopic gestation.

Author Biography

Mohammed KS, Bayero University Kano

Department of Radiology.